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About Me

My name is Eve Delight. I am in my early 30's and as a mature provider, I know what I like and I know how to please. I have long ,wavy naturally blond hair with highlights. While I do shave some of my body, I prefer other parts to be "neatly trimmed. Speaking of body, I would describe myself with a curvy, medium athletic build. Clients have often referred to me as "the girl next door" type.

I am a discreet provider and try to conduct myself as such. I am often dressed in something low key that is until we get behind closed doors!! I don't mind accommodating outfit requests, if I have the appropriate amount of notice and attire available. I have acquired quite a collection of sexy outfits over the years, but feel free to bring me a new outfit that you've picked out yourself!!

I have a diverse set of interests and tastes and can blend into a variety of social situations. My background is in Communications, and you'll find that I am just as at ease sitting and having a conversation in a public venue as I am engaging in a more intimate one on one interaction behind closed doors. I like to get to know who I am spending my time with. I find that establishing a connection first, makes our future engagements that much better.

I strive to maintain professionalism in the hobby, while at the same time, I don't want our time together to feel like "work" either. I understand I am providing a fantasy, but I try to stay genuine and true to whom I am while doing it. I hold myself to the same high standards I hold my clients to, therefore, you'll find that I don't play games or BS, nor will I "No call/no show" you. Just as I expect my clients to respect me, my boundaries and my time, I feel I need to hold myself to those same expectations. I truly value the friendships I have made in the hobby, and I look forward to meeting new friends.


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Good Hygiene is expected. Please arrive freshly showered or feel free to shower and/or freshen up at my place.

Please refrain from asking about specific services and rates before or during the appointment. If you do your homework and glance over my reviews and website, you should be able to find an answer to many of the questions you may have about our time together. When communicating, the use of foul language, explicit photographs, or mentioning of drugs or other illegal activities is a complete turn off and will result in the termination of our communication immediately.

Although I don't consider myself a clock-watcher, please be respectful of my time, just as you expect me to be respectful of yours. Please don't put me in the uncomfortable position of reminding you that our session has ended. If our time together is up and you'd like to extend the appointment, you are welcome to ask me if I am available to do so. If we extend the time, you will need to provide the remainder of the donation before proceeding with the rest of the appointment.


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Screening is a mandatory pre-requisite for every gentleman I see. Sorry, I do not make any exceptions when it comes to my safety

If you have recent references(within 6 months) from at least 2 reputable providers, please include their names and contact information in your initial email. You will also need to include the approximate date and location of your last meeting with them and you will need to provide a memory jogger so the ladies are able to easily recall your time together.

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I do accept preferred411 and Datecheck vouches in lieu of references. Please include your datecheck or P411 ID in your initial contact

I have also started to see a few select gentlemen who are new to the hobby or don't have recent references. If you don't have references, please contact me to find out what information you will need to provide for screening

Having problems coming up with a memory jogger? It can be anything that makes you stand out so a provider is able to recall you. It can be something you talked about or something that happened that day, or you could even get creative. For example, I knew one gentlemen who brought a bottle of nail polish to every lady he visited. Another gentleman would pick up a little ceramic statue from the dollar store to give the ladies as a memory jogger. It doesn't have to be some big expensive, elaborate gift, just something so the lady remembers "you".


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I am a low volume provider. I only see a limited amount of friends . I prefer at least 24 to 48 hours notice so I have time to screen you and to properly prepare for our time together.

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While I prefer pre-booking, I will also try to accommodate last minute appointments. I understand that it's often difficult to plan our lives in advance, but if you'd like to see me and know you are a last minute type of guy, asking for a pre-screening will increase your chances of making a last minute meeting work. The ladies that reference you will also be grateful that you aren't asking them to jump through hoops on a last minute reference request!!

Same day cancelations will be charged a $150 cancelation fee and no-call no-shows will be charged the entire donation amount.


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  • 300 for a 60 minute Tryst
  • 450 for a 90 minute Escapade
  • 500 for 120 minutes of pure bliss
  • Rates for all new clients effective 10/13/2014

Duos with one of my sexy playmates, Dinner dates or days/nights on the town and longer appointments are available upon request!!

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Donations should be handled with the utmost discretion. There are several ways donations can be collected. I prefer you excuse yourself upon arrival and place the donation in an unmarked envelope in the bathroom on the back of the toilet. This will also give you a chance to freshen up, if you so choose.

There will be no upselling in the appointments, although tips are always appreciated and are a great way to say "thank you." I have also provided a "Wish List" page, for those who'd like to give me a gift.

Wish List

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Here's a list of a few stores that I often shop at.....

  • Amazon
  • Macy's
  • Meijer
  • Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • Victoria's Secret
  • Petco
  • Petsmart
  • Gas Cards
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While Gifts are never expected, gifts and gift cards are definitely appreciated.

I love Godiva Chocolates....what girl doesn't, right?? I also love anything from Victoria's Secret. From perfume to stockings and lingerie, you can't go wrong if you shop for me there. I am also a huge fan of shoes(size 7.5) and purses(Coach happens to be my favorite kind of purse to carry). If you are looking to buy me flowers, orchids and dwarf sunflowers happen to be my favorite, but I am a fan of any brightly colored bouquet. I am also a huge fan of Vanilla Visa's and gift cards. I love to shop and this gives me the opportunity to do so.

Lets Meet

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I prefer our first form of contact to be through email. Remember, first impressions are important . This is your chance to show me who you are and that you are a nice, respectful gentlemen who is serious about booking an appointment.

A one liner as initial contact, such as "what's up?" is most likely going to be looked over in favor of a complete email where the gentleman has included all of the information I ask for up front. Not only does it save on us having to go back and forth to book, it also shows me that you actually have put some thought and effort into seeing me.

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In your initial email, you need to include the following....

  • ~Which website did you found my ad on?
  • ~What date and time of day are you looking for an appointment?
  • ~What Area would you like to meet in(City etc.)
  • ~My place(In call) or Yours(Outcall)
  • ~Screening Information
  • **Please See the Screening Page to find out what information you will need to provide**

Contact Me

Contact Me

Please Email me all of the Screening Information I need so that we can set up an appointment. If you do not remember everything click here

Screening Information

My Email address is


our location